Concentrated Liquid Jameed

Jameed is made out of Jameed stones. These stones are churned for hours until they become soft and smooth yogurt sauce of a rich and distinct flavor. Due to the long hours of preparation of Jameed, many families shy away from making Mansaf. Today with Kasih Liquid Jameed, the first prepackaged liquid jameed in the world, preparing the Mansaf dish has never been easier.

New concentrated Liquid Jameed 135g, includes higher concentration and Jameed flavor which needs to be mixed with 1 kg of yogurt and heated up to give you the perfect Jameed and Yogurt mixture to cook many traditional Middle Eastern dishes like zucchini with Jameed Yogurt and Kubbeh with Jameed Yogurt which are usually served with white rice.


  • Net wt : 135 gm
  • Packing : 48 x 135 gm


Width 21 cm  7.10 kg
    Length 42 cm
Height  9 cm


  • 100% Pure Jameed (Dry Sheep Yogurt)
  • Water
  • Spices
  • Salt